GCDC'08: optimized games on Intel platform

Day one at GCDC ’08 began with a bunch of interesting Intel demos which we took a quick look at. One surprising thing we discovered is the ability of Intel Integrated Graphics running complex games like Sacred 2 by Ascaron. Ok, not in full detail but in a lower resolution with at least 25 frames per second. Quite compelling!

Aaron Coday showed us a glimpse of Ascaron’s Sacred 2 which will be released in fall 2008. Intel and Ascaron worked closely together in order to optimize Sacred 2 for Intel Integrated Graphics so that you can play this RPG on your laptop as well. With Sacred 2 you will have the same gaming experience on a mobile platform as if playing  on a desktop PC. What’s interesting about Sacred 2 is the game’s ability to run within a local wifi environment via ad-hoc mode. This means that you need no router inbetween and you can set up the wireless connection just by a single mouse click.

Stay tuned for more demos to come...
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