Introducing the Intel Certified Solutions Program!

First, thanks to the kind folks at ISN for having me as a guest blogger. I run product management at SpikeSource, with whom Intel partnered to deliver the Intel Certified Solutions program.

Today's an exciting day for the program - It is now officially generally available. This program has been long in the works. It was May of last year when we wrote the original business plan for this program, and first articulated the vision of empowering whole ecosystems of ISVs to build their businesses on the Intel platform. Our goal was nothing less than to move the needle on the whole software industry, helping ISVs deliver more trustworthy products, enabled by Intel technologies, and bring them to market in an easily consumable way. 

Today that vision comes to fruition. The Intel Certified Solutions Program is a lightweight scalable program that allows ISVs, big and small, to certify their products for security, interoperability, and performance on Intel multi-core processors. Also, the first certified solutions now appear on the Intel Business Exchange - Customers' one-stop-shop for finding, researching and procuring certified solutions. So, under one program, ISVs have a way of proving the trustworthiness of their products and bringing to market on a significant online channel.

In the near future we will roll out certifications for additional Intel technologies, including vPro/AMT and Moblin running on the Atom processor, and expand the services available on the IBX.

In a pretty short time (the "early adopter" phase of the program started in May 2008), over 100 ISVs have already signed up with the program, with over 30 having gone through the certification process. I want to give a special thanks to those ISVs who joined during the early part of this program. It is always a leap of faith to participate in anything new, but the fact that 100+ took that leap is a great sign that we're delivering value that speaks to a broad audience. Our goal now is to ensure their success, and leverage that across the broader ecosystem. 

Finally - a short while ago, behind me here on the show floor, Christos (who runs Intel DRD) and Kim Polese (CEO of SpikeSource) were being interviewed on video. Check back in a few hours for the video, and hear their take on this exciting new program!

Dominic Sartorio

Sr Director, Product Management, SpikeSource

President, Open Solutions Alliance

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Hi all,

A professionally edited version of the aforementioned video has finally been posted here:

It's a great overview by SpikeSource's Kim Polese and Intel's Scott Harrison of the certification program and the technology underpinning it. Highly recommended as a brief (5 minute) description of how it works and the value to Intel software partners.