Vertical Applications of a SOA "soft appliance"

So far I have been posting the last week or so about how to apply a SOA "soft appliance" to overall scenarios like Federated SOA, SaaS, and Mainframe deployments.  XML performance acceleration, in-line / on-the-wire security processing, and manageability optimization also has direct application to specific vertical markets like healthcare, financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing.

We have a build of the SOA "soft appliance" called Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare which solves many challenging data interoperability problems for hosptials, insurance companies, government organizations, and individual clinical practices.  Josh Painter has started a blog on the use of SOA technology in healthcare and life sciences where you can get more details.

Over the next several posts, I will share my thoughts on how the capabilities of a SOA "soft appliance" in performance, security and mangability optimization solves tough problems in specific vertical markets.


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