Intel SOA "Soft" Appliance in Financial Services

"Time is money".  That old saying is as relevant as ever in the modern financial service markets.  Complex, real-time, and algorithmic trading are constantly pushing the envelope of that phase. 

We have recently completed a new benchmark with a financial services ISV, m35 in London demonstrating the performance of Intel SOA Expressway.  In this demonstration, the combined Intel and m35 solution processed 1.6 million PV risk calculations per second, or 5 billion in less than one hour.

This combination of m35 and Intel clearly demonstrates that complex financial processes and calculations, which take many data feeds from diverse sources can be aggregated and executed in near real time workflows with standard software tools, data protocols and multi-core server infrastructure.

Thanks for getting this far.  I look forward from hearing from you about your complex and high-performance use cases in financial services.


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