Intel at Microsoft TechEd EMEA Developers 2008

From Monday, November 10th 2008, thru Friday, November 14th 2008, software developers from all over Europe (and beyond) will gather in Barcelona, Spain, where this years Microsoft‘s developers conference TechEd takes place. Intel will „be a part of the experience“ (the slogan of this huge event). And it will be exciting, that‘s for sure.

Intel will talk about all their useful tools which help the developers community create new software titles. There will be three sessions during TechEd close to the Intel demo booth. During those sessions Intel software specialists will share their knowledge with the hopefully huge audience. Main topics will be „Developing for Multi-Core with Visual Studio: Best Practices from Intel“, „ Developing for Multi-Core with Visual Studio: Optimizing Multi-Threaded C++ Applications“ and „ Developing for Multi-Core with Visual Studio: Using the Intel Threading Building Blocks“.

In conjunction with that Intel will also show the latest and greatest in parallel programming for example the upcoming Intel Parallel Studio, which is a powerful little plugin for Visual Studio for Windows. With this tool C++ developers will be able to create and optimize their source code for multi-core platforms. And, of course, the Intel TBB will be part of the showcase as well.

So, if you are a Windows software developer and want to get the best out of your applications being programmed in C++ and in order to optimize performance on multi-core systems in the areas of high performance computing, image processing, simulation and so forth, just create a bookmark of our TechEd blogging activities to your favorites or just grab the RSS-feed to “be part of the experience”. A very easy way to learn all about Intel‘s existing and upcoming software tools.

Btw: As you might remember from Games Convention Developers Conference which took place mid-August this year, again we will pack our video cam, chat with people, have a closer look at the Intel demos and simply catch the „atmo“ of this huge event in Barcelona. All of it will be available on YouTube. So tune in and catch the latest infos straight from the International Convention Center starting the 10th of November.
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i think this conference with visual studio and multi core working is really going to bring a big change...