Intel Parallel Studio for multi-threaded C++ apps

One of the hot topics during Microsoft TechEd EMEA Developers 2008 at Barcelona will be the upcoming software tool Intel Parallel Studio. This powerful plugin will be integrated into Microsoft‘s development environment Visual Studio. Parallel Studio will help software developers to turn their slow single-threaded tools into high-speed multi-threaded applications which run best on Intel multi-core systems.

Although it‘s still a beta software (for which you can register if you want to become part of the Parallel Studio contributors) we already invite you to have a closer look to the development tool.

Intel Parallel Studio is a programming suite consisting of four single tools which can be used either as a stand-alone solution or as a complete application package. But always in conjunction with Visual Studio for Windows, of course. These four apps do the following things:

Parallel Advisor helps a developer understand where he can out parallelism to existing source code. Feedback from the tool allows better design decisions by showing the consequences of decisions, identifying conflicts, and suggesting ways to resolve said conflicts.

Parallel Composer speeds up software development by incorporating parallelism with a C/C++ compiler and comprehensive threaded libraries. Through supporting a broad array of parallel programming models, a developer can find a match to the coding methods most appropriate for their application.

Parallel Inspector is a proactive „bug finder". It‘s a flexible tool to add reliability regardless of the choice of parallelism programming models. Unlike traditional debuggers, Inspector detects hard-to-find threading errors in multi-threaded C/ C++ Windows applications and facilitates root-cause analysis for defects such as data races and deadlocks.

Parallel Amplifier finally assists in fine-tuning parallel applications for optimal performance on multi-core processors by detecting unexpected serialization which limits scaling. Amplifier also makes it simple to quickly locate multi-core performance bottlenecks.

So, if you find this highly interesting, you can do two things: First you should visit Intel during TechEd 2008 at stand E5/E6 and have a look at the Intel Parallel Studio presentations. And second you can register for the beta program if you want and thus help Intel to create a tool which will support you in programming top-notch parallel C++ applications.
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I use Pinnacle Studio11, will this program help Pinnacle take advantage of multi-core and hyperthread technology in the i7?