Meet the developer specialists: Intel Software Network

We will be heading Barcelona on Monday to blog live and cast videos from Microsoft‘s Tech-Ed EMEA Developers 2008. One group will be especially linked with this huge event: Intel Software Network.

ISN consists of software specialists who help the developing community to get their software applications to run best on Intel platforms. And of course, ISN has its own website which is packed full with loads of information, interesting links and much more useful content. is generally divided into six different sections: Communities, Downloads, Tools, Forums/Blogs, Resources and Software Support.

In Communities you find a lot of information regarding different topics which are part of the Intel Software Network. These are Visual Computing, Manageability, Mobility, Open Source, Multi-Core and Virtualization. Each of these sections talk about their own resources, their useful tools and have their own blog and forum. Here you can learn for instance how to develop Atom processor related software, besides other cool things.

Downloads gather all the tools, code snippets and alpha software we have talked about already. So go and get the hotest tools which haven‘t hit the market yet and become one of the first contributors.

Section number three is Tools, an also very recommendable webpage which we have covered quite often as well. On this site you can discover all the secrets about VTune Performance Analyzer, Intel TBB and other compelling tools. And some of the stuff is literally for free – as long you use it for your private purposes.

Forums & Blogs is an aggregation of all community activities regarding the different topics like multi-core and visual computing. The nice thing about this section is the opportunity to meet the bloggers. Ok, not in real life, but you can see all the blog posts of the different authors and what they are doing at Intel or elsewhere from 9 to 5.

Section five covers all the useful resources Intel is offering. Need a technical book? You’ll find it here. Interested of the next Intel events? No problem, they are posted on here as well. Or are you keen on participating the Intel Software Partner Program in order to get the best support from Intel in terms of application development? Registration is only one mouse click away.

Software Support finally helps to answer your questions regarding all the Intel software tools and more. So feel free and browse the huge knowledge base or ask the Intel exerts. But you can just send an E-Mail towards Intel as well. Or did you find a software bug? Take your chance and submit it to the support center where it will be handled with care.
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