Parallel Programming Talk – Intel Smoke Tech Demo with Orion Granatir

Welcome back Clay Breshears! After taking the last few months off to relax and work on a book Clay is back and talking parallel programming again. Thank you to Michael Wrinn who filled in and shared his parallel programming expertise during Clays sabbatical.

On the January 6th show we talked with Orion Granatir about the Intel Smoke Tech Demo.  But first the news.

New project updates released on
Intel® Summary Statistics Library was release on Dec 14th
Intel® Performance Tuning Utility 3.2 was updated on Dec 19th
Intel® C/C++ STM Compiler, Prototype Edition 3.0 had an updated on Dec 24th
Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++ 0.3 was released on Dec 31st
If you have used these tools in the past please download the updates and post your feedback and questions to the forum.

Thanks to Orion for coming on the show. Orion Granatir is a senior engineer in the Visual Computing Software Division. He is one of the primary engineers who built and has been traveling to various show to present the Smoke Tech Demo and answer developer questions.

Smoke is a tech demo that showcases a framework to support n-way threading of game technologies. By properly threading a game it can have more accurate physics, smarter AI, more particles, and/or a faster frame-rate. Smoke demonstrates one way to achieve better games.

We are delighted with the number of developers interested in the demo that is free for download (with source code) from The software forums have also seen many questions and Orion has been keeping an eye on the discussion and jumping in with answers and advice. We encourage all of you to go check out the demo and let us know what you think.

We are going weekly in 2009. The next show is Jan 13th at 8:00AM PST (1600 GMT)
On the show Michael Wrinn and I will be talking with Don Stewart.
Haskell Guru and recent author of the O’reilly publication  “Real World Haskell

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