New Technology Solutions vs. The Economy - Part 1

You would have to be on another planet or living on a deserted island to have not heard that we are in the midst of a global economic crisis.  Stock market is dropping, companies are going bankrupt, people are losing their jobs and governments are trying to save thier local economies.  What a major financial crisis for countries and people!  But with every crisis isn't there opportunities? 

One of the bright sides I've seen over the years is that when there is a problem that needs solving, many times there is an opportunity for new technology to rise up.  Obviously, technology can't solve every problem, but when there is a problem, isn't there an opportunity for new technology hardware and software to rise up with a solution or a resource for the solution.  Look at the computer.  Wasn't the first computers developed in terrible throes of World War 2 to help with calculating artillary data or encrypted codes?  Computers did not end the war, but you might argue that they helped end the war.  Look where computers are now - everywhere, doing more than artillary data or codes.

So, now, we have the current global economic problem.  I think new technology solutions can win out in this global recession.  I see the creative software solutions that members of the Intel Software Partner Program are creating and I'm excited.  There are all type of new technology solutions that are being developed that can rise up from this bad economy.  So, do you see the same thing?  Tell me some examples of new technology solutions that you think will rise up from this global economic crisis or recession.

Jeff kataoka
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