Useful iPhone Applications and Tips part 2

Some time ago mentioned a few iPhone apps I found useful.  Time has passed and many great new applications have shown up that I wanted to share.

Flixster is an application which provides movie trailers, schedules, ratings, reviews and local play time information.  We’ve really enjoyed it when we’ve been discussing what movie to see.  Watching the trailers nearly anywhere is a fun thing to do and has helped us pick which movies to watch.  It’s funny how the kids pass around the phone so they can share the trailers.

Weatherbug is a great weather application that gives detailed information concerning the weather stations you sign up for.  One feature I enjoy is the camera view from the schools which in my case includes the schools my kids attend.  I can use them to see exactly what the weather is doing at their schools.

FStream is a streaming application I use to listen to College football games on the weekends.  It’s very convenient because I always have my phone with me and don’t have to worry about staying near a radio when my local teams are playing.  It doesn’t include a directory so you’ll need to get the streaming information from your local radio stations website and then enter it into FStream to get the connection working.  It saves the connection details once you have them setup.

TWC – The Weather Channel is another weather application that is fun to check on occasion.  I enjoy the streaming video that provides the local forecasts, it’s like watching your local weather station any time.

iRecorder (and others that are similar) are very entertaining to play.  It takes the microphone and multi-touch screen and turns it into a musical instrument.  You can blow into the mic and use your fingers on the screen to vary the sounds.

Labyrinth is a game that mimics the old wooden games where you have to role a marble around in a maze and avoid the holes to increase your scores.  It’s a very simple game to demonstrate how the phone works to your friends.

Have you found any useful applications you want to share?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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