Parallel Programming Talk - "What If" with Shobhan Jha

On today's show we had Shobhan Jha talking about the growing list of experimental software offered on

First the news:

Parallel Programming Talk wants to hear from you! Send Clay and Aaron your questions, comments, ideas or areas of interest and we'll do our bet to get it on the show. The email is Starting March 3, 2009 we will be using the show on the first Tuesday to read and reply to listener mail. 

Thank you to Jim Dempsey, Black Belt Community member, for posting his Technical Article on QuickThread* to the Parallel Programming and Multi-Core community. QuickThread* is a runtime library and programming paradigm for writing multithreaded applications in 32-bit and 64-bit environments using C++, Fortran and mixed language programs. The design goal of QuickThread* is to produce a minimal overhead mechanism for distributing work in a multi-threaded environment. Jim also has a blog post to introduce the paper. Please take a moment to check it out and let Jim know what you think.

Show Notes:

Shobhan Jha from Intel's Developer Tools Group came on the show today to talk about Intel's innovative approach to getting experimental tools into the hands of developers. The site allows anyone to download tools and library that fresh from our lab and might be included as stand alone or part of a future product. The tools are free and in some case include source code. Support for developers using the tools comes from a special forum for the WhatIf projects. Listen to the full show to learn more about WhatIf and the tools that are currently offered or vist the site at

Coming up on our next Parallel Programming Talk is Tonya Bowes from the Intel Software Network marketing team. Tune in on February 3 at 8:00AM PST (1600GMT) and get a recap of all the great tools, events and technology that was part of the Parallel Programming for Multi-Core community in 2008.

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