Quick Intel® Core™ i7 platform tuning

I hope you are all enjoying the new Intel® Core™i7 platforms.  Most people are very pleased with the performance of these new platforms.  I hope all of you software developers are regular VTune Analyzers users too (but I know not all of you are).     One of the great advantages of VTune Analyzer’s event based sampling feature is that it doesn’t just show you where your code spends the most cpu time, it helps you understand why.  When you understand why you can better make changes that will improve performance.   Dr. Levinthal wrote an excellent guide on tuning for our Core™ microarchitecture.   As one of my professors once said, “this new case is exactly the same as the old case, just different.   I won’t sayCore i7 processors are the same as Core 2 processors but they share a lot in common.    The event names change and there are new instructions and events.    We have published a new tuning guide specifically for core i7 processors.     Take a look at it:  /en-us/articles/using-intel-vtune-performance-analyzer-to-optimize-software-on-intel-core-i7-processors.  For those of you who have been using VTune for a while, this should be a good quick reference for you in getting started on Core i7.  For those of you new to performance tuning using event based sampling, this is a great time to get started.   Read the tuning guide.   Download anIntel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer evaluation and try it out.  Let me know what you discover.



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Your resume is very impressive. I am just getting into this. I am perusing my Bachelor degree in Information Technology. I have to write a paper for my computer architectural class about comparison of two fastest Micro Processors.
I have done some research on Core i7 and have enough material, but part of this research also, I need to know what applications utilizes all the capabilities of Core i7 processor.
As you have mentioned, I need to have some research emphasizing applications that works with Operating system, parallelism and so on.
Any assistance regarding where I can find information about the applications and operating system, I would be greatly appreciated.

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Glad to hear about the performance improvements you have achieved. You write that this applciation is memory intensive? What software development tools do you use to profile and tune your C# software?

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Eugene, Core i7 is even more powerful if you run applications that had been tunned for multicore and parallel processing.
For example, I compared the performance of a CPU and memory intensive application, designed with parallelism and scalability in mind.
The application running 4 parallel threads in a Core 2 Quad Q6600, changed to 8 parallel threads in a Core i7-920. The overall performance improvement was around 65%. Really awesome!
However, the application was prepared to scale as more number of logical cores were available.
On the other hand, an unoptimized single threaded application achieved a 20% performance improvement.
The application is written in C# (.Net 3.5).

David Mackay (Intel)'s picture

Yes, it is a great platform and yes you will see your nearly all your existing software run faster even without any tuning. Glad that you appreciate it. Intel Software and Services group produces products to help developers get the most from our platforms, so if you ever want more give our products a look.

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Core i7 platform is very powerful without tuning

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