WOW 1000


It is really an exciting day for the Academic world; today the Intel Academic Community announced that the 1000th university joined the program. In conjunction with this momentous event, I am running a Day of Parallelism here in Chattanooga, TN.  The morning has kicked off with a riveting talk by Dr. Mathew Wolf of Georgia Institute of Technology, talking about his work to integrate Parallel Programming into his undergraduate curriculum.  There is growing number of professors filling the room to participate in this interactive session.  This just underscores the increasing number of professors who are getting on the PP (Parallel Programming) Express.  There is plenty of room and I encourage you to join us.


Dr. Robert Chun from San Jose State University flew in early to the SIGCSE conference to specifically to attend the Day of Parallelism. He stated to me, that he knew he needs to start integrating Parallel Programming into his curriculum. He recently joined the Intel Academic Community and is very excited about all the tools and resources that are now available to him and his students.


Did you know that we have courseware, software tools and access to all kinds of member only benefits in the Intel Academic Community?  If you have not joined, I highly encourage you to jump on the PP Express.


WOW 1000, this is quite a feat. It demonstrates the recognition that action must be taken TODAY to bring Parallel Programming to undergraduates.

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