Agile Software Development Practices

Agile practices have become quite popular amongst software development teams world-wide. Even within Intel, there are many teams starting to adopt and practice Agile in a big way. I am part of one such team and we've been practicing Agile for the last 2 years now and have realized amazingly positive benefits like improved team morale, zero attrition, better customer satisfaction, and much improved quality levels. We've learnt lots of good lessons along the way and have significantly improved our practices maturity.

I am also really happy to share that our team just won the prestigious Intel Software Quality Award 2009 (beating 50 other teams) in recogntion of the progress we have made on software quality through Agile practices.

I will be sharing some best practices in our Agile adoption in a series of blogs on this site going forward. Since this is a community of software developers, I am hoping there would be good interest in this topic.

Stay Tuned.

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Sounds like a good topic. Looking forward to hearing more.

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nice info, i'm looking forward to hearing updated news