Quick Overview of the Parallel Programming & Multi-Core Community

I put together a three minute video to give new visitors to the Intel Software Network some quick pointers to the most useful features, benefits and resources of the Parallel Programming & Multi-Core Community. Please take a moment to watch the video and if you want a quick link I have included the text with links for you to find the information fast. Let me know what you think.

As the community manager I’m focused on providing developer with the resources they need to
write their first parallel application,
resolve issues that come up designing and building application

learn more about advanced techniques for optimizing application performance.

I invite you to join the community at software.intel.com and click on the Parallel Programming link.

The community provides
Up to the minute News & Information on Intel software technology & products

Code samples to show you how to implement concurrent code in C, C++, Fortran and other popular language.


Free downloads of tools such at the Intel Concurrency Checker for Window and Linux.

An Experimental Tools and Technology section that we call “What If Software” that gives developer access to features and libraries that we are considering for future software product.

Support of Intel Tools like Vtune and Thread Checker as well as Intel Software Libraries to make sure that your applications run best on today’s chips as well as tomorrows.

Recommend reading list to help you build a solid foundation in new programming technology or techniques.

Contests to get you involved in the community to show off your stuff and win valuable prizes.

Forums where you can get the answers to your parallel programming questions from Intel engineers and industry experts

Blogs where technical opinions and insight are freely shared and discussed often with more energy than you would expect, sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. :)


The site also includes

Video interview and demonstrations where you can hear directly from the experts and see how they do it.


And of course Technical papers by both Intel engineering and industry expert for a full disclosure of Intel’s technology and tools.

One of my favorite community activity on the site is the weekly Intel Parallel Programming Talk show where Dr. Clay Breshears and I get to talk to industry experts and share the conversation with the whole community.  The format is simple: a few news announcements followed by a brief conversation about parallel programming tools, technology or applications. Guests on the show have included Microsoft*, Interactive Supercomputing*, Intel software engineers and academia. The whole show is 15 minutes and is recorded live over a phone line at 8:00PST. Visit the site to hear past episodes or join us for our next broadcast.

Please take a moment to check out the site and join the community at Software.intel.com. If your writing application for multi-core architecture then the Intel Software Network’s Parallel Programming and Multi-Core community is your Premier Community for Parallel Programming.


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The details provided by the author is a very good approach to join the parallel and multicore programming community. It provodes the hyperlink essential to all who is interested and like to exapnd their individual knowledge on parallel semantic programing and multicore programming concept based on the information provided by the auuthor from Intel Corp. The reference book is a authoritive references for learning, understanding and future research to be applied onto professional institution research papers on High performance computing arena for futuristic purposes on parallel programming and multicore programming applied research

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I follow your blog for the good information it provides. I am really curious about couple of things, I am coming from compltly bussiness world where no body cares (not a lot) parallel processing or concurrent processing. One things I was exicted about in coming VS is PFX. Where we can do parallel processing and PLINQ. As I reading your posts I realised there are better way to do this already. I am a C# developer and could you please point me to some place where I can read about how Intel software can help developer like myself to use what you have to offer.

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