New preview of Intel AMT SCS 6.0 available

Sprint 3 of the Intel® AMT Setup and Configuration Service 6.0 is now available and can be downloaded HERE. This is another pre-release version in a series that is being provided for you to try out and provide feedback.

There are two versions that you can get, the full version and the lightweight version.

-This full version enables you to setup and use the Intel SCS in an enterprise network infrastructure and supports the following:

  • Integration with Active Directory

  • The application of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Certificate Authority (CA) in configuration profiles

  • SQL Databases

  • Access Control Lists in profiles

  • Configuring up to 30,000 platforms

-This lightweight version enables small and medium businesses customers to quickly setup and use the Intel SCS in a simple network infrastructure. It does not support (or require) Active Directory, TLS, SQL databases (uses XML instead), or Access control Lists.

If you are planning to use SCS 6.0 in the future it is good to get started learning it now. Having pre-release versions available on our site is a rare opportunity so please take advantage and try them out ... AND let us know what you think.

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