Developer Ignite 2 brings "nerd" to Gilbert, AZ

Ever wonder what would happen if you gathered your community's most wild & crazy (and influential!) developers together and let them present whatever they want for 5-minutes in front of a large audience?  We'll be finding out on November 11 @ 6PM at the second Developer Ignite event in Gilbert, AZ!  From Javascript to crowdsourcing, GPS to database refactoring, and agility to webhooks -- it's all loud, proud, and NERDY ... for 5-minutes at a time.

Developer Ignite is presented in the O'Reilly "Ignite" format, and if you're never watched an Ignite event before, it is quite entertaining.  Each presenter gets 20 slides that change after 15 seconds; making each presentation last for exactly 5 minutes.  You have to be quick and to the point with no frills!  Presenters will tell you it's all about practice and choosing your words wisely to get your point across in 5 minutes, which is sometimes difficult with a topic as complicated as immutability!

If you're local in Arizona, definitely come down and watch the show on November 11th; find all the details at  And even if you're not in Arizona, don't worry - we've got you covered.  Follow our Socialping live Twitter feed wall, view the photos on our Facebook fan page (click the Photos tab after the event), and view the event video on our webpage.  You can also download some snazzy backgrounds for your viewing pleasure (at the top of our webpage)!

Developers, get ready to IGNITE!

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