Parallelism: Super and everywhere; talk parallel with us at SC’09 and PDC

This week I get to "talk parallel" at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland and at Microsoft's Professional Developer's Conference in L.A. If you will be either place, you should visit us at our booths and talks!

If you are in Portland Oregon for Supercomputing 2009, we can show you our latest Cluster Tools update and the beta of the big update for next year. Come by and see our demos - all on Intel Cluster Ready (ICR) certified systems (which you should learn about if you are not already 'in the know' - as you'll see more than 40 ICR demos on the exhibit floor this year). Of course, we will also be demoing Ct technology - which is very close to beta now! If you are in L.A. for PDC, we have our parallel tools to demo and at least one surprise we are saving up.

For those who can’t visit us at PDC, you’ll miss talks given jointly by Microsoft and Intel, on using Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Parallel Studio together (VS/.Net Lounge talk with Sean Nordberg of Microsoft at 1pm on Wednesday 11/18) and the Ask the Experts session (including me as "Parallelism" guy) Wednesday 11/18 evening 5:30pm, and Dana Gross's session on Concurrency Runtime in 408B Thursday 11/19 8:30am. I'll be at all three for sure!

For those who can't visit us at Supercomputing '09, here is a quick run down of news that we'll be talking about: Cluster Tools 3.2 update 2, Cluster Tools 4.0 beta and Ct Technology beta. You can also come talk to us about futures in our Fortran compilers and math library (MKL) - as we have many new things in development of course!

Cluster Tools 3.2 update 2

With release of our "update 2" for the current Intel Cluster Tools, we continue our MPI leadership. We have industry leading MPI library performance by offering higher bandwidth and lower latencies, we offer improved MPI application boot times, and improved file I/O performance. We offer updates to the Intel Compilers 11.1 with update 3 support. The Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector have benefited from customer input on how to improve the GUI. You can learn more at to find out more about the Intel Cluster Tools.

Cluster Tools 4.0 beta

Next year, we are ushering in new era of leading edge MPI library and analysis technology with a major update in store for the Intel Cluster Tools, and we are kicking off the beta program for this. The Intel MPI Library 4.0 beta, Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 8.0 beta.

Intel® MPI 4.0 beta contains leading edge technology to further improve performance, scalability and usability. Better performance through optimized shared memory path for multicore platforms allows more communication throughput and lower latencies, a new native InfiniBand interface (OFED verbs) support for lower latencies, multi-rail capability for higher bandwidth and increased inter-process communication, tag matching interface (TMI) support for higher performance on Qlogic* PSM and Myricom* MX interconnects, updated MPI tuner to optimize Intel MPI library options for faster applications, MPI 2.1 standard conformance for compatibility, dynamic process management support and connectionless DAPL UD support for improved scalability.

All this with full backward compatibility with Intel MPI 3.x based applications to re-use existing implementations, plus some experimental fault tolerance support for more robust cluster applications and experimental scalable process startup to shorten the startup phase.

The Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 8.0 beta simplified application optimization by providing a new load imbalance diagram, and ideal interconnect simulator - to separate application issues from interconnect issues, and a plug-in framework to enable your own simulations of different interconnects.

You can join the beta programs now and experience latest technology for HPC application development: click the 'beta' link in the ones you are interested in: Intel® MPI Library 4.0 Beta for Linux, Intel® MPI Library 4.0 Beta for Windows, Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 8.0 Beta for Linux, Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 8.0 Beta for Windows.

Ct Technology beta

As promised, we will have our first beta of Ct technology by the end of this year. It is so close now, that we'll have plenty to talk about in the booth at Supercomputing in Portland and our booth at PDC in L.A. You can learn more, and apply to be part of the beta, at

I hope to see many people this week. For the rest - I hope my pointers and information help keep you up-to-date. Comments and questions welcome, of course...

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