SP1 for Intel® Parallel Studio - service pack worth installing!

Intel® Parallel Studio Service Pack 1 is now available, adding support for Windows* 7.

SP1 is well worth downloading and installing - here are some of the reasons:

  1. Intel Parallel Inspector and Intel Parallel Amplifier can be driven (for automating test suites) from the command line now.
  2. Bug fixes - of course - not many issues needed fixing, but you may appreciate the ones bugs that were found and fixed!
  3. Windows 7 support (Intel Parallel Studio came before Windows 7, now that it is released - we had a few things to update)
  4. TBB 2.2 and other improvements to align with the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

I'm sure there are more - these are the highlights as I see them. 

Download SP1 - you'll be glad you did!

See the release notes for more details - skip the main document if you want to read about what is new and useful - read the three individual documents.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

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Thank you, I'm looking forward to installing SP1. Does SP1 update the underlying tools (composer, amplifier, etc.) to the most recent updates, or do we do that separately? For me, I've been good about installing all the tool updates, and I'm worried installing SP1 will undo those updates to earlier versions? Or is parallel studio really separate from the underlying tools?

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