Visualize this! Game Development in Academia

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics related to visual computing. Joining me today is Dr Peter Raad Professor and executive director at SMU Guildhall. Dr Raad will be talking to us about game development in academia.

Download link to a high quality MP4 video file of the show (about 150MB)

Show notes:

1. A few weeks ago we released version 2.2 of the Graphics Performance Analyzer toolset. Yesterday we launched a survey to get your feedback. This is a short 8 question survey and each week we plan to give out 1 ipod nano to the best answer to question #8 which is “if you could add 1 new feature to GPA, what would it be?” So take the survey here
2. We are offering the unreal development kit on the Visual computing community. You can download it from the visual computing community home page or this url
3. The game development sub portal on the visual computing community has been updated, I have segmented the content by experience level to make it easier to find what you are looking for. you can check it out. Would love to hear your feedback so drop me a note
4. If you have feedback/questions about the show you can send an email to Even if you have input on the topics you want to hear about.


a. Tell us about yourself and smu guidlhall (you can touch upon your role and some background on SMU Guildhall)
b. Game development started as a garage industry, why has it become an academically trained profession?
c. What are the biggest challenges that game developers or game development students have today?
d. What are the 3 most important tips you have for game development students/developers
e. With the growth of multiple cores and parallelization of code, where do you see the future of game development headed.
f. What kinds of degrees do you provide for the game industry?
g. Intel runs an annual game contest like LevelUp 2009, are there any suggestions you have on changes to this contest or how it compares to other contests?
h. On the Intel Visual computing community we are always striving to provide interesting game sample code or tools. Do you have any thoughts on what developers are looking for and what attracts them to a community?

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