Software without Memory errors and data races

This year we launched intel Parallel Studio.  Intel Parallel Studio is designed to improve the productivity and help the Visual C++ developer create good threaded software that scales.   It includes components that help express parallelism (Intel Threading Building Blocks), performance libraries, as well as tuning and correctness checking software.

Intel Parallel Inspector checks for both memory issues and threads data races and deadlocks.   This new product uses a new interface and we believe is easy to configure and use.   I will be conducting a web seminar on Tuesday 8 December at 9:00 AM Pacific time.    I will cover both the memory inspection feature as well as the thread inspection aspects of Intel Parallel Amplifier.   The link to register to attend this event is listed here.   I hope you can join me at this MSDN web seminar.

In addition to presenting at the MSDN web seminar I get to host the Intel web seminars.   I hope you get to catch these in the spring and the fall.   This fall we did something new and brought in several ISVs to tell about their experiences threading for Intel multi-core platforms.    This series is called Real World Parallelism.    Last week I also get to host Bernard Laberge, Senior principal Engineer in the video editors division at Avid.    There is one more web seminar in this series on 15 December.   The old seminars are available for playback - just check the Intel software products web pages here.  Come join me and Matt Dunbar  on 15 December 15


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