Organized by Discord, Strife, and Entropy?

DISCLAIMER: The following is not an endorsement for any product or service mentioned.  In fact, the author has a five year old pay-as-you-go cell phone that he rarely turns on, so what could he know about such things?

So I'm watching TV, probably the Green Bay Packers running roughshod over the Seattle Seahawks, and a commercial for the new Droid Eris phone from HTC comes on.  The big claim that was being touted is the fact that all messages, notes, videos, photos, journal entries, songs, recipes, tweets, poems, or whatever fnords you've received can be arranged by the person that sent it to you on your Eris. 


Is this supposed to be ironic, an in-joke, a clever oxymoron, or some insidious plot by the Illuminati?  Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord.  She was the root cause of the Trojan War.  Discordians worship her and believe that chaos is all that there is (plus, order and disorder are merely illusions imposed on chaos).  Naming a device after Eris and touting it as the perfect organizer of your electronic life seems a perfectly ironic and Discordian thing to do. 

Looking for the key to whether the folks at HTC are snickering behind their hands or if this is something bigger, I found several posters had realized the etymology of the device's name.  However, none of them seemed to take it to the next logical step.  They all just wanted to chat up the specs on battery life or screen size or OS version.  Where are the posts and blogs from the conspiracy nuts ranting and raving that the Illuminati have finally tipped their hand, all electronic devices are just a house of cards waiting to tumble down, and that crash will cause mass confusion and discord and the breakdown of modern society? (Besides me, that is.)

Now, it seems that every other commercial break has at least one Droid Eris phone spot.  So what's next?  The Pigpen water filtration system?  Pandora home canning supplies? Cthullu tranquilizers? As a Discordian myself, there is a certain appeal to the Eris phone and these other products. Just don't expect me to sample any of those strawberry preserves.
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