Developer Tools for UPnP Tech - Tutorial Videos

I just happen to be at the office on a Sunday, but it's a good thing, the office is quiet and it's a perfect time to record new tutorial videos the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. I just recorded two of them, both very basic and they show the power of using these tools for UPnP development.

The first video is a introduction to the generic tools in the tool suite: Device Spy and Device Sniffer. Device Spy is probably the most used tool of the suite. Lots of people, even non-developers use Device Spy to find UPnP devices on their network and perform actions on them. This is what I show in thei video. I also show Device Sniffer, this small tool displays all of the discovery network messages. Very handy to see what is going on.

Youtube: Introduction to the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

The second video is all about Device Builder, our code generation tool. We demonstrate how we can build in a few seconds a fully working UPnP stack and get it running on the network. I am not sure there is any way to make it any easier.

Youtube: Introduction to Device Builder

Both these videos are also on a new page on the site.


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