New release of mesh networking project

For the last year I have been working on this peer-to-peer mesh software. Believe me, it offers many new opportunities for managing and doing plenty of new scalable usages, but it comes with an important trade-off: the software is insanely complicated. Imagine if you will writing a small piece of software in raw C code that behaves somewhat like a living thing. It finds peers, creates a web of connection and then, uses it to crawl the self-optimizing web. It self-updates using better version from it's peers, it deals with fast changing movement in the network and peers being added and removed all the time. All traffic is authenticated and encrypted, it really can't trust anyone has to run with a tiny footprint and use a little CPU & battery as possible... all-in-all, just a walk in the park.

Last night I updated the release of this project on the opentools web site. Now, what can you do with this software... well, not much yet. The mesh agent basically comes with a bunch of tools I use to debug the mesh and I need lots of these tools. The first usages will be to simply use the mesh to instantly find computers that have some property... like having an Intel ME or some other platform technology or software. It's a little like UPnP discovery but I almost never have to broadcast, just when a node first joins the network.

In the coming months, I will be working on usages for the mesh and posting tutorial videos. Hopefully, I will have lots of interesting software for the community to try out.

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