How does a Computer Engineer accessorize?

Mattel's Barbie is getting ready for a new job.  She has apparently narrowed the field down to five choices: environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor, and computer engineer.  You can cast a vote for her new career at before 12 FEB 2010.

While I was trying to make up my mind on how to cast my own vote, I wondered just what kind of accessories would go into the box for this new career.  For the environmentalist I would imagine a forest ranger type outfit, binoculars, a clipboard, and maybe a spotted owl or other endangered species; for the surgeon I guess scrubs and mask would be enough; an architect could have a briefcase, blueprints and a T square; and the news anchor would need a microphone and a camera (though an anchor probably wouldn't be going out to do live reports).  When I got to the computer engineer (which is what I voted for), I couldn't think up anything beyond thick-framed glasses, a pocket protector, and maybe a 2-liter cup for some form of caffeine.  I suppose a  laptop should be there, too.  (Am I being a "careerist" for thinking only of the stereotypical male computer engineer when trying to outfit Barbie, especially in my own chosen field?)

I think a computer engineer Barbie would be a great addition to the other 120+ careers she's had over the past 50 years.  Getting girls interested in computers and Computer Science can only be a good thing. All the women that I know in the field are smart and capable (no nerdy glasses or pocket protectors among the lot).  If Barbie as a computer engineer could inspire more girls to consider a similar career, more power to her.  Besides, think of the Barbie Server Room Playset with empty racks that can be filled with additional blade server accessories.
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I've been involved in all socal Microsoft DigiGirlz events, have been a facilitator at PDC sessions, & am a huge advocate of empowering women in technology! I'll be speaking at the first Dare 2b Digital conference in Silicon Valley at the end of the month, for teen girls, the first not-only-Microsoft woman empowering event (Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Pixar, Stanford University, NASA...). I am so glad to see a positive role model barbie!

Accessorize? I can give you a large list....put me in touch with Matell! For starters, computer chip earrings (which I own)....