Parallel Programming Talk #60 - Russ Cox about the Google Go programming language

Welcome to Show 60 of Parallel Programming Talk. The first show of 2010.

On this episode Clay and Aaron talked with Russ Cox about the Google Go programming language.

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First The News:

Intel announced the new Intel® Core™ i7 (Westmere and the march to AVX) at CES last week
The New 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition
A new update to the Intel® Software Development Emulator Rev 2.94
has been released on the What If experimental software site.

Down load the newest version of the Smoke - Game Technology Demo Release 1.2

    • Smoke now has a simpler build and builds with Visual Studio 2008 SP1

    • Fixed occasional crash when subdividing objects, after physics collision

    • Fixed a number of memory leaks and uses of uninitialized memory

    • Ambient lighting now lights the shaded side of objects

    • Smoke runs faster, mostly due to speedups in fire object code

Congratulations to the 12 new Parallel Programming Black Belts were inducted into Intel Software Network in 2009!

    • Dmitriy Vyukov and Raf Schietekat - TBB, Feb 2009

    • Timothy Prince and Vladimir Dudnik - DPD, March 2009

    • Dr. Matthew Wolf and Tom Murphy and Intel Employee Black Belt Alexey

    • Kukanov, August 2009 - Alexey is a TBB specialist

    • Gastón Hillar and James Reinders - Parallel Programming, Sept 2009

    • Yang JianFeng, Zhou Weiming and Doufeng Li - ISN PRC Communities, Dec 2009

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Threading Challenge 2009

    • Problem #6: Maximum Independent Set - Winner Announced: "BradleyKuszmaul"

    • Problem #5: 3-D Convex Hull - Winner Announced: "BradleyKuszmaul"

    • Problem #4: The Travelling Baseball Fans - Winner Announced: "akki"

    • Problem #3: Graph Coloring - Winner Announced: "akki"

    • Problem #2: Knights Tour - Winner Announced: "mdm100"

    • Problem #1 - Strassen's Algorithm - Winner Announced: "iArchitect"

On Today's Show

Russ Cox about Google's Go programming language.

Russ Cox worked on the open source releases of Plan 9 from Bell Labs and wrote the search engine for the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences before joining Google. At Google, he led the design and implementation of Google Code Search, a regular expression-based search engine for public source code, and now he works onthe new programming language Go.

Join us next week for another exciting episode of Parallel Programming Talk.
On the show we'll be talking about Parallel Java with Intel's Paul Guermonprez.

And remember programers, be thread safe.

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