Tune Up Your Code For Performance

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an blog about a couple of web seminars about improving the quality of your software - removing memory errors and data races using Intel® Parallel Inspector.      Today I want to encourage you to attend an MSDN web seminar about software performance tuning.    

Vasanth Tovinkere, one of the software engineers on my team who is great at parallelization and software tuning will be conducting this web seminar.  This presentation will be mixed with live demonstrations that show how easy it is to leverage the power of Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel® Parallel Studio to find performance issues due to lock contention in threaded applications. This ensures that shipped applications can take better advantage of the available processors in end user systems. Intel Parallel Studio is an add-in to Visual Studio to help create fast, reliable code that takes advantage of multicore processors.

The web seminar is Thursday 18 February 2010 at 9:00 AM PST.  Go here to sign up and register!

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