2009 Intel Threading Challenge: What did you think?

If you participated in last year's Intel Threading Challenge contest, we want to know what you thought about it.  Were the problems too easy? Were they too hard?   Were they just right?  Was there sufficient time to work out a solution?  Did overlapping problems slow you down or make you work harder?

Also, since we're starting to look into having another contest this year, what kinds of things would you change?  What things do you think should be carried over to a new contest?  Any new ideas about the contest or how it was run that you think should be instituted if we run another threading contest?  Bigger prizes?  Smaller prizes, but more of them?

An online survey has been set up.  Click here to take survey.  It's really short and we'd like to know what was good, what was bad, and what you might have thought was ugly.  If you were interested in participating but didn't, we'd still like to hear why you didn't participate and if you have any ideas about what changes or tweaks could get you to enter a future threading contest.  If you're too busy for the survey, you can jot down some ideas in the comments to this post.

I know that the past contestants are a smart group of people, so I'm sure you all have some ideas and some opinions.  I hope you'll share them with us to make the next contest better than the previous ones.

Thank you.
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akki's picture

Hi Clay,

Jjust wondering if there's going to be a threading challenge this year. Last year sure was a lot of fun...


Clay Breshears (Intel)'s picture

Akshay -

Currently we’re planning a two phase contest to start at the end of this month (May 2010). The second phase could start in early August. We’re still hammering out final details so these dates or everything else may change. Even so, I think we’re getting closer to an official announcement.

akki's picture


Looking forward to it...