Intel® vPro™ 2010: New feature - Intel ME WMI Provider

One of the additions in the new vPro systems (with AMT 6.0) is a built-in WMI provider that provides access to some AMT functionality through Windows and WMI, even if AMT hasn't been provisioned on the system yet.  This provider is part of the default installed vPro drivers and software that should be part of every vPro system.  It will allow you to gather information about the AMT system with WMI calls and also trigger some AMT actions, like triggering an activation from the OS instead of using the downloadable Activator tool.

The new SDK will have more details and some sample scripts to illustrate how to utilize the WMI provider.  But here's one example using the built-in WMI command line tool (wmic) that should be present by default on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.

wmic /namespace:\\root\Intel_ME path ME_System get FWVersion

On any system that has the appropriate driver and software package for vPro installed, that will return the firmware version of the system, even if the system hasn't been provisioned yet.  This can be useful for discovering unprovisioned systems in your environment, as well as the firmware details to check whether there is a new firmware version available from your OEM.
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javierandrescaceres's picture

Wow, that's a very useful feature. WMI is a well known technique and a great adition to AMT.