Mobile apps at Intel booth during Mobile World Congress 2010

As I promised in my yesterday's blog post I'll talk about some of the mobile apps which will be shown next week at the Intel booth in hall 7, stand A49 (App Planet). And here are the nominees:

  • JayCut by Jaycut gives MID users a complete video editor. This means you can capture, edit and publish your mobile video clips to YouTube on-the-go.

  • Photoflow by Scalado lets mobile users browse very fast through their image library and zoom instantly into the pictures. Photoflow support rapid searching and sorting of images by date, color, intensity, histogram and more.

  • Fanomena by BMAT rates the singing skills of talented mobile users and let share their performance with their friends.

  • Vagalume by Igalia is a kind of client which offers features like listening to all kinds of radio stations, recommending tracks to other users , tagging artists, tracks and albums, displaying album artwork and much more.

  • Fluendo DVD Player is much more than a great playback on your device and high quality audio standards. This product offers full support to watch movies on DVD, including menus, multiple angles and subtitles, support for encrypted discs, and more.

  • PopCatcher by Popcatcher saves streaming music from Internetradio stations. Before the songs are saved as a MP3 file to the hard disc talk and commercials are deleted.

  • Fring lets users communicate and share web-based experiences from their mobile devices: audio and video call, chat, share experiences for free with friends on fring and other communities and social networks.

  • EyeSight’s natural user interface utilizes the device’s built-in camera, along with advanced real-time image processing and machine vision algorithms, to track the user's hand motions to control mobile devices and applications.

So, are you convinced?! Then please don't hesitate and visit the Intel stand A49 in hall 7 to have a closer look at all the great demo apps which will be shown by our software partners. They will love to answer your questions and maybe they will have something to give away either.
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