Quick Quiz: Which of these parallelism technical terms did I just make up?

A. agglomeration
B. static partitioning
C. livelock
D. statistical exclusivity
E. syncronization object

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And by the way, “statistical exclusivity” is the bogus term. :)

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Jerry Baugh (Intel)'s picture

I did benchmark mining for years - just didn't call it that. Great term for the process of frantically hunting for the right application... :-)

Shannon Cepeda (Intel)'s picture

An excellent idea! I think I'll try that.
I've done "benchmark mining" before too (didn't call it that though). We should try to popularize that term. :)

Clay B.'s picture

I'm with Shannon. I've never heard of "statistical exclusivity." Jim does give a good definition, though.

Maybe the next quiz should have an odd term and choose between 4-5 possible definitions. Or readers could submit definitions. For example, "benchmark mining" is the science of finding an appropriate applicaiton to use as a platfrom performance benchmark from a large collection of such apps. (And it's an area of research that I made up for a status report almost 15 years ago.)

Shannon Cepeda (Intel)'s picture

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the comment! I have never heard this term before, but I like the definition you gave. It sounds like these quizzes are a good way for everyone to learn new vocabulary.

jimdempseyatthecove's picture


I tend to disagree.

"statistical exclusivity" is a term that appropriately describes a parallel programming bug. IOW your code statistically behaves as if it had exclusivity and on occasion does not.


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