Quick Quiz: Which of these parallelism technical terms did I just make up?

A. agglomeration
B. static partitioning
C. livelock
D. statistical exclusivity
E. syncronization object

If you haven’t given another thought to parallelism since your operating systems class in college, now’s the time to brush up. Intel and Programmer’s Paradise are hosting a technical roadshow right now to teach Windows C++ developers how to take advantage of multi-core processors. These one-day events are free and may be coming to your city soon! In March we will be in Boston, New York and New Jersey. More cities are being added throughout the year. Check here to sign up or see the latest scheduled dates: http://www.programmers.com/PPI_US/partnercenter/partners.aspx?name=parallelism_techday
And by the way, “statistical exclusivity” is the bogus term. :)

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