Who am I?

Zoom Zoom! I'm on the Information Superhighway! This is my first blog post so I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Quentin Froemke and I am a 5th level software engineer at Intel. Recently I completed a quest on how to blog responsibly, and as a result of that got just enough experience to level up and gain a new ability "Create New Blog Post." Fantastic! So here I am. Blogging. About what? Well, the group I work in is part of the Visual Computing Software Division and one of the things we do is create and present material showing various technologies that Intel is involved with. This could be demos, articles, presentations, interpretive dance, whatever. A couple of projects I have worked on in the past are Smoke and Kaboom.

Currently, I am finishing up one called Ticker Tape which will be released during GDC. It is a particle system but uses fairly complex behavior for the particles, in this case leaves that can have wind effects applied to them. If you are at GDC come stop by the Intel booth on the show floor and you can check it out and say hi.

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