vPro Enabled Gateway - Fast Call For Help

I have attempted to create this video to demonstrate how to build vPro Enabled Gateway(aka Management Presence Server (MPS)) using Intel AMT SDK and run through the end-to-end flow of Fast Call for Help usage model.

Part 1

Part 2

Quick Primer:

vPro Enabled Gateway is a piece of software intended to be residing in the corporate DMZ environment to allow connectivity to the clients that are out in the Internet. This connection will enable the IT help desk residing in the corporate intranet environment to provide support for road warriors.

Fast Call for Help feature in Intel AMT (4.0 and above) allows the end user to initiate the call for help through the OS tray icon provided by Intel or through Ctrl-Alt-F1 key right after BIOS POST. This connection is established between Intel AMT and vPro Enabled Gateway and has no dependency with OS being installed or operational.

Video contents:

Environment - Windows Server 2003 (DHCP, DNS configured).

Tools Used - VMWare Workstation, Manageability Developer Toolkit, Stunnel, 3proxy, Intel AMT SDK

The video will walk through the process of setting up vPro Enabled Gateway. Uses Manageability developer tool kit to create the necessary certificates and configuration of tools like Stunnel and 3proxy. Followed by the configuration of the tools, vPro Enabled Gateway is configured. This finishes the configuration portion of vPro Enabled Gateway.

Next step is to configure the Intel AMT client. Manageability Developer Toolkit is used again for AMT configuration. Training will walk you through the process of creating a profile that will be used to the configure the AMT client. TLS-PSK provisioning method is used to provision the AMT client.

After the AMT client is provisioned, the next step is to add information about the vPro Enabled Gateway, add a remote access policy, enable the appropriate interfaces and finally configure environment detection. Once the client and server is configured, the video will walk through the flow of connecting to the client over the remote access connection.
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Stuck on Video 1, manageability director tool is out of support, seems to crash on my fresh install of win2k3 server. What is it replaced with? is there more updated instructions for building a vpro gateway elsewhere?

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Is this video still available? The links are dead. Thanks.

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This is so helpful.

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