Manageability Community: What's up?

**Disclaimer:  This blog is very old and may not be relevant anymore.  It lives for historical purposes.  For up-to-date informatino about Intel vPro Technology, visit the Business Client Home Page.  (June 2013)

I thought it might be interesting to take our pulse once in a while.  Maybe I'll do this weekly.  Or monthly.  ( That is, if anyone is really interested in seeing this kind of information.)

Events:  On March 3, we hosted a Virtual Seminar announcing our Intel® AMT 6.0 release and new features.  Our attendence was around 50 people, worldwide.  Topics discussed were the Intel Developer Network, Business Client Ecosystem, New Intel AMT features and what's new with the SDK, and finally some information on the Intel Software Partner Program and the SAT testing tool that is coming out soon.  This event was recorded and will be available in about a week on our Community Site.

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javierandrescaceres's picture

Event was good, new features were showed (and explained).
I think it's useful getting Manageability updates.