Sixense Motion Controller at Intel Lounge GDC 2010

One of the cooler demos was by Sixense at the Intel lounge, located at the North Hall of GDC. Here's a quick video showing off the motion controllers and a brief explanation of the unique magnetic field being used in to track the position of the controllers wirelessly in 3 dimensional space. The panaromic screens aren't bad either:-)

I checked out the new Sony PS3 Move controllers and I have to say the Sixense controllers impressed me a bit more. Perhaps it was the game and the screen in the Sixense demo. Sony was showcasing more novelty stuff in their booth when I went by. However the 6 foot radias is very limiting with the Sixense. If they can improve the technology I think that have something pretty cool.

They also showed a 3D modeling application, allowing you to pick up & manipulate objects using the controllers. But seems like gameing is the real sweet-spot for this hardware

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