SOA Expressway Mortgage Industry Use Case

I am back with another customer use case that is recently moved to production. Happens to be in mortgage industry (yes, it still exists!)

A mortgage insurance company interacts with multiple loan origination channels and partners, boards several loans from multiple partners, and services tens of thousands of claims. The loan information can be in binary or XML formats, which include the following: EDI260, MICA, MISMO, or proprietary XML. The company has several different systems to handle inbound and outbound information over different protocols and from multiple clients and partners. Once a claim is submitted, it is normalized into an internal format and business processes are executed using a Microsoft BizTalk server.

The problem they have had is that the on-boarding time for a new partner is too long, especially at a time, when profit margins are shrinking. They have patched many internal systems for on-boarding process.  It takes several months to on-board a new partner. In addition the changes in mortgage industry are requiring support for new formats, new protocols and security standards. The following figure shows the current deployment:

The company picked SOA Expressway because they needed to consolidate interfaces to a single technology stack to reduce costs; they also needed to reduce partner on-boarding effort should be reduced and there were security requirements for XML firewall and to authenticate the partner and authorize the access. Intel® SOA Expressway then transforms the claim’s data format, such as MICA, EDI260, or MISMO ( , into a XML document format that can be processed by BizTalk. If any of the key loan parameters are missing or invalid, the Intel® SOAE workflow rejects the message. Microsoft Biztalk then takes over and completes the loan processing on the validated, standardized loan data.

At this time, I am working on a couple of interesting projects, one has to do with a cloud usage model with Amazon DB ( and the other has to do with Secure Token Service. Based on which one gets done first, I will blog about that one next!

If anyone is actually interested in seeing the actual scripts written on Expressway to enable conversions, authentication & xml firewalling in this example – drop me a note.

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Hi, can you please show me how to retrieve record set after executing a SQL statement in SOA Designer? Is there a built in session variable to hold the returned record set after executing a SQL statement like "select field1 from my_table"...thanks

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For the data collection , what XML technology used here .... Like XForms , XSLT , XQuery to generate the UI part in the application. And more what Kind of standards used here to promote an open standards ...

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