Let the Coding Begin!

We've started a new Intel Threading Challenge Programming Contest on Monday, 31 MAY. The initial phase will have two problems, with a prize for winning each.  A second phase will launch in August with four problems and the chance to win a grand prize for overall performance.

This year we are trying something new: 2 levels of entry. For those that participated in previous contests or anyone that feels confident in their threaded programming skill, there will be the Master Level. Problems in this category will strive to be at the same level of complexity as they have been in past contests. A written article about the approach, development and performance  of the solution code submitted will also be required.

The second entry category, Apprentice Level, will pose less complex problems and not require the submission of a write-up. If you are just starting out in threaded programming or haven't had much opportunity to practice parallelism, this might be the perfect place for you to try out those skills.

The start and end dates have been changed for this year's contest to give participants three full weekends for work on their entries. For more about the entry requirements and scoring details see the main contest page at /en-us/contests/threading-challenge-2010/contests.php. Be sure to visit the ISN forums that have been set up for each problem that is posed to ask questions about the problem statement, test data limits, or get some advice on potential approaches to solutions.

Good luck and good coding.
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