Title for my next book?

I just saw a description of the book Street-Fighting Mathematics  by Sanjoy Mahajan.  The book's topic is described in the subtitle: The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving.  It's a cool title that makes you want to stop and see what it’s all about.

It got me thinking. I should title my next book something like “Bare Knuckles Parallelism” or "Ear-Biting Concurrency".
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Alexey Kukanov (Intel)'s picture

Wanna more suggestions? :) Maybe "Unclothed Multithreading", "High Five Cloud Computing", "Tough Nut Message Passing", or "Elves and Dwarves in Parallel Patternland"? ;)

Clay Breshears (Intel)'s picture

Excellent suggestions, Alexey!

There could also be "Two-Fisted Concurrency" or "Parallel Programming at Home for Fun and Profit." My wife suggested "Ninja Secrets of Parallelism."

Arch D. Robison (Intel)'s picture

Borrowing from U.S. TV shows: "Concurrency Scene Investigation", "Parallel Idol", "Desperate Programmers". Imagine what the one sentence TV guide summary would say.

Tudor's picture

"The curious case of Concurrent Programming", "Threading vs. Predator", "Inglorious Parallelism".

Clay Breshears (Intel)'s picture

LMAO visualizing the cover to the second suggestion. Excellent suggestions.

jeffrey-gallagher (Intel)'s picture

"DIrty Little Secrets of Concurrency" # Just think of all the Google hits!

"Untitled For Obvious Reasons, Volume 3" # Could make those imaginary volumes 1 and 2 worth quite a lot, someday...

"Pride and Prejudice" # Sales when the original is out of stock!


"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Eval" # Ow! Ow! Ouch! Owie! Owie owie owie!

Clay Breshears (Intel)'s picture

I like the "P & P" title.

I could try to fit "Nude" or "Naked" into the title (for Google hits). Why should the "Naked Chef" have all the fun?