Digital Arts 06 - Reallusion and John Martin II, 3D for the Masses

Let's face it - 3D is tough! ...or is it? Join Reallusion VP, John Martin II for a discussion on how Reallusion software like Crazy Talk and Intel Core i technology gets regular folk past the humdrum often tedious parts of character creation and setup straight into the fun of animating.

Will I-Clone drive the next animated blockbuster? Maybe not - but if you're into real-time - and you spend any time on the internet you're bound to see their work. You may even find yourself interacting with a character created with Reallusion software.

Download the hi-rez video here.

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niko77's picture

These tools, especially I-Clone, remind me of Poser but seem to have different focus and more 'holistic' approach to 3D creation and end result editing - tries to be more of a all in one-tool so to speak. Content creation principle though seems to be the same: Make animation and what have you using pre-made customisable elements.

I can see the appeal for masses and I reckon needs of many agencies not specialising in 3D can be met with these tools alone. It is impressive how much the 'non-pro' programs can offer, today.

Professional 3D though is still difficult or at least moderately so, and time consuming, when creating something truly orginal. Currently I don't see these 'fast tools' offering enough possibilities for originality to interest the 3D pros.

What about the idea of the everyman soon threatening to take job of pros with tools like these? I entertained that idea for a nanosecond. It is a nutty notion. No tool will ever bypass creativity and artistly (barring the creative AI), which is really the understanding the form, light, colour, motion and emotion.

I'm sorry to have brought out the competitive position here. I don't think these tools are intended to compete with professional work, they have different focus group. I was just suprised how much they can do, now, and couldn't help thinking how it affects us making a living in this field.

Interesting bit of Digital Arts again. Thanks!

- Niko