Updated Device Builder for UPnP Technologies

I just updated the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. It's now at version v0.0.38, as always it's open source at http://opentools.homeip.net. For people that already have a previous version of the tools installed, the update should be coming using the auto-update system.

This time around I fixed up the support for embedded devices in the C generated code. The Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies has a few interesting tools, but the best one if Device Builder. You give it a device description and it generates you full C stacks that can immediately be compiled in Windows and Linux. UPnP supports a thing called embedded devices where you can have one or more devices embedded within another device. In all, it shows up as a device tree on control points. This is especially useful if you have a composite device. For example: A AV media rendering device along with a AV media server all in one.

In the past few months, I have done a major upgrade of the UPnP code, bringing it up to speed with the latest static code analysis and IPv6 support. In doing so, I broke some of the less used features and one of them was support for embedded devices. Both device and control point sides where broken and in this release, I fixed them both.

Please keep reporting bugs!

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