New Mesh Agent with Windows Prompt Fix

Tonight I just released a new version of the Mesh Agent in the wild. Version v0.0.91 has a few more bug fixes but the most noticeable one is working access to the Windows Command Prompt from within the MeshCentral web site. This makes use of the Javascript VT100 terminal that I have been working on a few weeks ago. In the past, the Mesh Agent compiled for Linux would work great, but attempting to shell to the command prompt on Windows would be quite unstable.

I was not looking forward to fixing this instability since it required me to get my head back into the agent code which is tight C, but I just had to do it. Besides the Mesh Agent had not been updated for a few weeks now and it was time to work on some fixes. Most of the past two months have been spent working on the server side.

Also, a new update from Kishen Maloor, my co-worker on the mesh project. Today he completed the configuration page for setting up Twitter policies. The page is live now on MeshCentral (look for "social settings"), you can associate a Twitter account to Mesh Central but it does not do anything. The server does not Tweet to user's accounts yet, but that should come soon.

Lastly, I am going to be speaking at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), September 13-15. We will be covering the topic of mesh networking and what it's good for. I will have a session and two labs, should be lots of fun.


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