Have a Cisco ACE XML Gateway? Intel® SOA Expressway to the Rescue

It looks like Cisco has issued both an end-of-sale and end-of-life announcement for their Cisco ACE XML Gateway.

In response, the SOA Expressway team has teed-up a special offer for Cisco customers looking to move to replacement XML Gateway.

This is an interesting development to be sure, and it probably signals that Cisco is seeing less demand for XML traffic than anticipated. Voice and video probably have taken over a larger share.

All this being said, I remember talking to a CTO at a major networking company (not Cisco) about 5 years ago about the proportion of XML traffic as a fraction of total Internet traffic, and while I forgot his name, I can't forget his comment which was something along the lines of: "90% percent of Internet traffic is spam and porn."

I wonder how much the proportion has changed in the last 5 years? Hopefully it is an upward trend :)

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