Intel® IDF2010: Were you there?

This year I got the pleasure of attending our Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.  I was even able to attend some great vPro sessions, so I thought I’d write about them and provide the link that you can use to see the presentations yourself.  Think of this as the next best thing to being there.

Me @IDF2010 in San Francisco:

First, here is the link where you can go to download any presentation you would like to see.  (Note that if the page does not load, try using Firefox.)

There were 6 great sessions detailing the ins and outs of vPro from Embedded usages to clever ways to be innovative with Intel® vPro Technology:

Improve the Manageability and Security of Your Embedded Devices With Intel® vPro™ Technology

It’s a no-brainer, “Headless” computers are everywhere!!  In this session we learned about the challenges of embedded systems and how Intel® vPro technology can improve their security and manageability.  An example of an embedded system is an ATM – we definitely want our money to be very safe!  Wind Generators are also embedded systems (who would have thought…) And Slot Machines too!  Embedded systems surround us in our everyday life and vPro plays an important part in this ecosystem.

Intel® vPro™ Technology in the Real World: Pushing the Limits with Innovative Software

In this session, Ylian takes Intel® AMT well beyond its intended design.  If you need a refresher on the latest AMT features and would like to see how each of them can be used this will be very useful material for you.  Ylian also showed us how he can do Discoveries extremely fast.

Technical Overview of Next Generation Intel® vPro™ Technology

This session provided an overview of the evolution of Intel vPro Technology.  Hear our director and high level managers discuss the architecture, new features coming up, deployment considerations and innovation.

Intel® vPro™ Technology: Extending Control and Security through Software Partners

Find out about Partner Solutions here!  Interested in the major usages for client management?  Patch management?  Power management?  New auditing and compliance management?  Lowering your help-desk costs?  Resolving more issues remotely with diagnostic tools?  Intel® Anti-Theft technology?   This session had it all!

Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Solutions and You

Here you can experience manageability on steroids. Do you want to see how to take remote manageability, diagnostics and repair to the next level? This session had demonstrations showing drop-in solutions, remote repair sessions with and without KVM Remote Control and how to automate IT processes using Microsoft* Windows* Powershell.

Small and Medium Business: Solutions with Intel® vPro™

In this session, we found out about the latest platform capabilities, straight from the experts mouths!  Topics were mainly focused on new Intel® vPro Technologies and Services aimed at the small to medium business environments, integration into the Microsoft* small business server products and reducing development and implementation time/costs by taking advantage of our SDK tools and application samples.

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patricia (Intel)'s picture

This was a great summary of the events going on at IDF last week!

ZDNet provided their observations of how software developers at Ericsson are taking advantage of embedded vPro features:

Read how they are using Quick Connect settings, Intel's Anti-Theft technology and embedded VNC server.

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great summary!