Prerelease GHC and Haskell CnC installed on Intel's Manycore Testing Lab for academic use

The Intel® Manycore Testing Lab (MTL) is provided to support the Intel Academic Community for the testing, validation and scaling of parallel algorithms and workloads on 32-core machines, primarily for courseware delivery, and secondly for research. Just follow the link to apply for a free account.

We've now installed a development version of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) on those machines to support people testing multicore Haskell code. You will find GHC installed under /opt/ghc6.13/. This includes recent improvements to parallel performance. To use it, just put /opt/ghc6.13/bin in your path, for example:

$ export PATH=/opt/ghc6.13/bin/$PATH

Likewise /opt/ghc7.1/ will contain a prerelease of GHC 7 when we overcome some library compatibility problems.

We've also installed a recent version of Haskell CnC and placed the "runcnc" script inside the same /opt/ghc*/bin directory for convenience. Thus running a CnC program should be as easy as the following:

$ runcnc myprog.hs

Take a look at Haskell CnC documentation for other ways of running such programs.

Finally, we have also installed the 0.6 release of the Intel Concurrent Collections for C++ binary distribution. To use that, one would do the following under a Bash shell:

$ source /opt/cnc/0.6/bin/intel64/

... And then follow the instructions in the CnC documentation.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.