1024cores: All about lock-free, concurrency, multicore and parallelism

It finally happened! I've launched a new web-site devoted to lock-free, wait-free and just scalable synchronization algorithms, multicore, concurrency, parallel computations, scalability-oriented architecture, patterns and anti-patterns, threading technologies and libraries and related topics.

Welcome to 1024cores!

Currently there are some materials on fundamentals of synchronization algorithms, articles on some practical problems (reader-writer problem, producer-consumer queues, lazy concurrent initialization), some materials on scalable architecture, collection of my write-ups for Intel Threading Challenge 2009/2010 and some other not so developed sections. However the site is basically 10-days old and much more is coming, so I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS and/or follow the blog.

Stay tuned and keep threading!

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mami's picture

Thanks (for the google sites alias)!!!

Dmitry Vyukov's picture

There is no access limitations. It's hosted on Google Sites, so you may try the following address as well:

mami's picture

Why can i consistently fail to reach the site? Is is frequently down or is there some kind of access limitation?

anonymous's picture

http://akka.io/ is really nice, I havent seen you inteliis mentioning that

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Congrats on your new site. It looks great and I'm sure you will provide exciting content.



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