CES Marks First Year for AppUp

Lots of cool things are emerging here at CES this year, and as usually it's a geek fest a cool new consumer electronics, gadgets and innovative technology & hardware. Being here at the 2011 CES, I can't help but be reminded that last year we launched the Intel AppUp center store.

There are exciting things to come in 2011 but I thought I'd take some time and hit the rewind button to play back what has transpired over our first year. Last year at CES we launched the Intel AppUp Center with roughly 100 applications. The store launched as beta and we supported C & C++ Windows applications. The store was a unique model at the time; focused on Windows netbooks and validating all apps against netbook hardware and experiences. The store also allows you to try before you buy and allows you to share an account on up to 5 devices. For developers we provide a component model, allowing them to build pieces of an app to sell to other developers. We aim to allow developers to build apps they way they see fit with support for multiple application languages and runtimes.

In April of 2010 we hit our first milestone for AppUp by launching our second store for the Moblin operating system. And for the first half of the year my experience had mostly been working with a developers and assisting team members, focused on ecosystem enablement, to build support for AppUp. I think this paid dividends the second half of the year. And although we only supported C/C++ our model was taking shape. Through our component solution a developer provided a DLL wrapper solution to allow apps developed in Flash, .NET, Ruby, Python etc to be submitted to the store using our C++ SDK.

Mid-year we launched our porting resources with an online porting portal to help developers get their mobile apps to AppUp. As we headed in to August we hit another milestone, launching our first cross platform runtime with support for AIR applications, by integrating AppUp with Adobe's InMarket app distribution service for Adobe developers.

By the time we hit IDF in September, we had gone from 100 to 1000 applications in the store. We announced at this time our first store partners with Best Buy, ASUS, Croma & Dixons. The AppUp store also moved out of beta with a refreshed website where you can browse the app catalog without having to launch the store. It was apparent to me at the time, the program was evolving exponentially. Each quarter the progress seemed to doubled all the progress to date. Q4 is where things really broke loose.

Just before Halloween we launched our .NET SDK and first IDE plug-in for Visual Studio. We then launched our MeeGo portal providing support and assistance for developers building MeeGo applications. And before the year ended we launched a Java SDK with an Eclipse plug-in, an In application Advertising component from mOcean Mobile, and launched stores for Tiger Direct, Home Shopping Network.

So here we sit a year later. We now have more than 2000 netbook apps in our store. From eReaders, to multi-media apps, to the hottest mobile games, to amazing social tools we have them on AppUp. We have great titles in our store including Tweetdeck, Angry Birds, Nook, and USA Today. We also have many independent apps you like My Little Artist, Shufflr, Ancient Frog, that are amazing experiences on a netbook.

For developement we now support C/C++, .NET, Adobe AIR & Java applications. We've worked with hundreds of developers to port apps from other devices and bring the mobile titles to the netbooks.

As of this posting we have 11 AppUp stores with more coming.


Download link







Circuit City






BBY Canada







And we are just getting started. 2011 has already taken off with the launch of Angry Birds and you will see in 2011 AppUp expand beyond netbooks to many more computing devices.

Anyway back to some of the cool new stuff at CES. I'm playing with some new Windows tablets that are amazing, and I need to check out the next generation Core processors, 3D technology, in vehicle technology and smart TV stuff at the Intel Booth. Check out some of the action in the Intel photo stream. http://www.flickr.com/photos/intelphotos and my CES photo stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/duffytimes/sets/72157625636819953/detail/

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