Check out Sandy Bridge technical whitepapers and game samples

So Intel's 2nd Generation Core Processor codenamed Sandy Bridge launched today. That is exciting news! Now you can get extra performance boost with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0; get multitasking benefits with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology; edit and share videos with Intel® Quick Sync Video; and awesome performance for mainstream gaming with Intel® HD Graphics

If you are a game developer or media developer you might ask, can you tell me how I can take advantage of these capabilities? For that we also launched a site on the Intel Visual Computing Community with technical whitepapers, code samples, videos, blogs and solution briefs for game development and media development using the Sandy bridge platform.

Check it out here. What do you think? What other content would you like to see? Are you planning to develop on the Sandy Bridge platform? Would love to hear your comments/thoughts.

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My company, Dimensional Photonics International (DPI), has been purchasing our motherboard (Mini ITX - GA-H67N-USB3-B3) and processor (Sandy Bridge Core i7 BX80623172600K) from Newegg. They told me to contact you for some tachnical information. I am looking for the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) for the above mentioned products. Pleas let me know how to get this information if you do not have it.

Thank you for your help,


Thomas Rathke
Tel: 978-988-8825 ext, 289

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We gaming without graphic card. Performance of this processor is good. In which processor this technology is available now

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How much faster is a Core i7-2820QM (Sandy Bridge) CPU than a Core i7-840QM for every day computing tasks?

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how sandy bridge technology help me improve computing. I do play lot of games. What is the difference between multitasking in sandy bridge tech and in previous i series processor. I'm currently using i5 processor. Is there any need to upgrade? Or just any update can do it?

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thanks Aubrey. Prakash please check out the links from Aubrey. If you still have questions feel free to ping me and I can try to dig deeper.


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Hello Prakash,

You can locate retailers in your area with our retail store locator:

You can also choose from other regions worldwide.

Best regards.
Aubrey W.
Intel(R) Software Network Support

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I would like to know Sandy bridge i5 2500 processor and DH67BL motherboard is available in Bangalore,India.

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