- New mobile site

A few minutes ago, we just updated the mobile web site. This is a separate set of pages that is typically used by smart phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. When going to, smart phones are automatically redirected to the mobile site. In the past, the mobile site looked pretty good but has limited capabilities. Today, we added much more.

  • OpenID support. The main site supports both Google and Yahoo OpenID. Now, the mobile site does too. This makes a lot of sense since on a mobile device, you want to make sure to offer any way possible to type in a username and password. In my case, I used the Google OpenID and I just have to press the "Google" image to log in. Just a note that to use OpenID, you need to go in the accounts page on the main site and set it up.

  • New Power Actions. We now have a new way to turn on and off computers remotely. The old page was clunky and required more clicks. The new page displays all the actions and you just hit the one you want to execute. It's pretty fun to power on and off computers in the lab using my iPod Touch this way.

  • Change Device Icons. When you select a specific device on the mobile site, you can now press the device image to change it. This is the same feature as the main site, but moved over to the mobile site. Many don't know this, but you can change the icon of any of your devices on the site. This is great to put desktop and laptop icons correctly.

  • Remote File Browser. Now for the most important feature! We added the remote file browser on the mobile site. Now, you can select a computer and browse the remote file system from your smart phone. You can also create folders, copy, move and delete files. You can also download files. On the iPhone, the download feature just shows the file in the browser. I still need to try in on Android.

Today, I went demoing the remote mini file browser to my co-workers. I have a desktop with Windows Explorer watching a specific folder and would create, move and delete folders on my phone. The operation would be immediately visible on the desktop computer. All in all, you can now wake up and access the file system of a computer from your smart phone. Very cool.


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