- Running on a PlugPC

Today I got my first PlugPC and successfully compiled the mesh agent to run on it. The PlugPC looks like wall plug, but it runs a full computer with Ubuntu. After a few minutes to configure it correctly (This link was very helpful) I installed the compiler (gcc) on the plug and got the agent compiled and running. It took no time at all and immediately started meshing with other nodes on my network. In the video below, I show how you can access the command prompt and file system from any browser using Pretty sweet.

In everyday use, this plug could be used to monitor computers on the network along with other things. It can be on all the time but uses very little power. One possible usage would be to monitor sleeping Intel vPro computers or used to send wake-on-lan packets to any computer on the local network to wake them up from the web. People familiar with the mesh networking project know that I select a "leader" in the local network to keep a connection to MeshCentral. This little plug is a perfect leader since it's always on and uses little power.

Checkout the demonstration!


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