Visualize this! Sandy bridge game sample AVX Cloth

Welcome to season 3 of Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. I have an interesting lineup of guests for this year, and if you have guests you would like to hear from, send me note.

My guest is Stan Melax Graphics Software Engineer. Stan received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Alberta in Canada in the early 90s. He spent most of his career in the game industry including Bioware, EA, and Ageia. Stan is now a Graphics Software Engineer with Intel Corporation where he gets to help developers write faster code and make better games.

Intel recently announced processors codenamed Sandy Bridge. Stan and his team worked on a game sample called AVX cloth.

Download Link - High Quality MP4 Video File (Large)

Community News:
1. Intel announced its new processors codenamed Sandy bridge. We launched a new micro site on the Intel Software Network with content for game developers and media developers.
2. We have also released Sandy Bridge game samples
3. We also published the first Media SDK Developer guide and how you can use the features of Sandy bridge
4. We also updated the Developers guide to Intel Graphics with Sandy Bridge information.
5. Updated the ever popular Quick reference guide to Intel Graphics
6. And we launched a new Media SDK contest – Check it out and enter here!

Questions :

1. Tell us about your role at Intel?
2. You mentioned that your team creates game demos, why do so?
3. How do you come up with ideas for demos?
4. Your team released a few demos last week with the launch of Sandy Bridge. One of them was AVX cloth, tell us what challenge this code sample is trying to solve (talk about SIMD, AVX)
5. What are the benefits of developing your games on the Sandy bridge platform? What wowed you during the development?
6. Are there other Intel tools that you used or typically use in your game samples?
7. Your team works on game demos and also ISVs. What challenges do you come across for PC game developers?
8. What are some more demos your team is working on?

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